What are your plans for Easter

I went to the drive in yeterday to watch “The Host” and I will say that I have to read the book to understand some of it. I liked the movie, but I would be lying if I didn’t say that some parts confused the crap out of me. Sometimes it is better to read the book then watch the movie. I am probably going to start reading the book today. I bet some of my questions regarding the movie will be answered when I read the book.

I think I am going to plan a barbeque for next weekend since tomorrow is Easter and I have to go to my family’s house. I enjoy going to family get togethers on holidays because my family makes the best food. I wish I could cook as good as some of  my family members. I am in charge of bringing dessert and thats good because all I have to do is buy some good pies and I am good to go. I will also be helping my nieces and nephews find easter eggs so that should be fun. What will you be doing tomorrow and this following week?


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