Do I read the books first or watch the movies

Now I have two movies I want to go watch. I cannot wait til March 29 when Tyler Perry’s Temptation comes out and also Stephanie Myer’s The Host. I have been debating to either watch the movie first or read the book fro the host movie. We all know that books always have way more detail than movies do. It is quite logical since most movies do not last more than 3 hours. You might recognize the name Stephanie Myers since she is the one who wrote the Twilight series. Most teenagers will probably read the host because they have read the twilight books and want anything as similar to it.

I want to watch the movie and read the book because I like movies that involve aliens and super natural stuff. I loved reading the twilight series so I am pretty sure I will love reading the host. I still have to finish reading the rest of the hunger games books but those books can wait.

ladybug bookworm


As soon as I feel better, I plan on going shopping.

My head hurts :( I don’t know if its the constant weather change or pollen or what. I get seasonal allergies which sometimes make my head hurt. I really hope this headache doesn’t turn into a migraine. I want to go out tonight and watch my nephew play soccer but if this headache doesnt go away I will be staying home. I took some motrin hoping that it would take my headache away but so far it hasn’t. I hate days like this where even some sunlight bothers me.

If I feel better tommorow I want to go shopping for a new purse. I have thought about shopping online for one too. I hope I find something cute to go with my outfits . I can be picky when it comes to purses. I have thought about buying a black leather coach purse but I will see if I find something else. Right now I am thinking about using this purse until I get a new one.

coach purse



Not a good movie to watch when you are sad already

reign over me

The worst thing I could do  while I am feeling depressed is watch this movie called Reign over me with Adam Sandler. I thought all of Adam Sandler’s movies were happy and funny,let me tell  you that this one isn’t!!! I felt even more sad and depressed after watching this movie. I would hate to lose my one and only family in an accident or plane crash. Ugh today is one of those days where I just want to pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep.

I am out of my gallon of ice cream or else I would have sat and ate the whole gallon and just watched reality shows. I bet my girly monthly is just around the corner because I feel soo blah. I cant get out of this funk. I didn’t even want to go out last night with some of my girlfriends. If they were going to the movies or to a restuarant I would have went but since they were going clubbing I was just not in the mood. I hope I get out of this funk soon.

I can’t wait to watch this Tyler Perry’s temptation movie

I cannot wait to go see Tyler Perry’s Temptation movie. I love movies with action and suspense and love stories and drama. I really like Tyler Perry’s movies. I think Tyler Perry is a brilliant man who makes movies that are funny and can be serious at times. I love the way he plays the character Madea in his movies. There are movies that are made to entertain and make you laugh and there are movies that make you cry such as the passion of the christ. I try to stay away from really sad movies.

I love the picture that Tyler Perry’s Temptation movie is displaying. Those biting lips remind me of a book I was reading but I wont go into details about that book until later. Tell me if you just saw this movie psoter would that be enough for you to want to go out to the movie theater and watch it? I think the movie poster would be enough to intrigue me.


I can’t wait to wear this monokini

I have been feeling so bored and I just can’t wait til Summer gets here. I want to go to the water amusement parks and enjoy the water slides and cool water. I  hate that mother nature can’t makeup its mind and it keeps going from hot to cold. If the weather stayed warm enough I could wear this geometric monokini I got. I simply cannot wait to show it off. I am so ready to get tanned and lay out on the beach.

geometric print monokini

Do you think this monokini is cute to wear to the waterpark? I keep debating wether I should take this sexy swimsuit or should I wear something more conservative? My girlfriends keep telling me to wear it so I can catch the  eye of some bachelor. I can’t believe these girls all they think about are the guys that are going to be at the waterpark and not about how fun it will be to just splash around. I guess I should be more boy crazy like them but I am not. I figure love will find me when it is time.