I hope they can fix my laptop

My laptop broke and I am currently borrowing a laptop from one of my friends. It is a pain in the butt when you are so used to your own computer and then you switch to one that is not as fast or as good as the one you had. I really hope my laptop is fixable. I hate not being able to have all the cool features that I had on my computer. I cannot believe how attached I was to my laptop. I took it for granted but now that I dont have it I miss it dearly.

I have thought about going out and buying a new one but I am waiting to see if my is fixable first. My laptop wasn’t that old either. I had bought it three years ago and it was running like new. I am very good at taking care of my things. I wish I would have put it higher up from kids hands. Accidents happen but I must admit I was upset that it broke because I wasn’t careful and left it within reach of  little hands.


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