Do I read the books first or watch the movies

Now I have two movies I want to go watch. I cannot wait til March 29 when Tyler Perry’s Temptation comes out and also Stephanie Myer’s The Host. I have been debating to either watch the movie first or read the book fro the host movie. We all know that books always have way more detail than movies do. It is quite logical since most movies do not last more than 3 hours. You might recognize the name Stephanie Myers since she is the one who wrote the Twilight series. Most teenagers will probably read the host because they have read the twilight books and want anything as similar to it.

I want to watch the movie and read the book because I like movies that involve aliens and super natural stuff. I loved reading the twilight series so I am pretty sure I will love reading the host. I still have to finish reading the rest of the hunger games books but those books can wait.

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